Are you building your foundation as a sales professional? Let’s take a look at our foundation in Quid Pro Quo Sales training. It’s about relationships and as a sales professional your foundation should start with an equal relationship between your client and you.
Your foundation starts with a give and take relationship. Take the time to learn how to change situations like this so your foundation doesn’t crumble.:
  • Do you call your neighbor and take them to dinner and there is no reciprocation?
  • How often do you call someone with no return phone call?
Do you really want to continue one way relationships like these. Your instincts tell you that a one-way relationship just doesn’t work, but are you still continuing this one-way relationship?
  • As a sales professional do you believe that your customer is always right? 
  • Do you believe you have to provide your customer or prospect whatever the want?
  • Are you nervous about losing out to your competition if you don’t give your customer/prospect what they want?
  • Do you believe it’s the person who jumps through hoops wins?
If you believe any of this, you are totally Wrong.  You are a sales professional, in the business of selling your product or service, NOT JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS!

Remember that as a sales professional you are in the selling business and not the service business. You need to begin to think about the dynamics of your relationships with your client or prospect. Do not put yourself in a subservient position. 

Develop your Quid Pro Quo selling technique.  It’s all about developing a true consultative sales approach while building a give and take relationship.

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