Solution Selling with Bob Beck

  • Are you stuck in your sales career?
  • Have you considered your approach might be incorrect?
  • Are you implementing Solution Selling, a consultative sales approach?
  • Did you answer "no" to any of these questions?
 If so, read on and learn why learning the basics of solution selling will enhance your career.Paragraph.

How You Start Solution Selling

To begin isn't really very hard.  You need to find the "real" decision maker and become their trusted advisor.

You need to be able to take your product or service and show the real decision maker what you have to offer will resolve his issues and/or problems.

Deal at the top level.  This is where solution selling could become difficult if you are inexperienced or haven't been taken training classes.

I recommend Quid Pro Quo Sales Training. During these classes, you will learn what you need to become the best at solution selling and at the same time developing your mindset to become a trusted advisor.
Trusted Advisor Bob Beck 2010