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Applying solution‐selling techniques with a consultative sales approach is lost if the efforts are focused on the wrong people in the organization. You can learn how to focus on the decision makers by investing in yourself and Quid Pro Quo Sales Training

Did you know every more and more CEOs and Sales VPs are complaining about the number of pursuits that end with a “No Decision” or a loss, costing their company lost opportunity and resources.

If your results are not consistent you need to reconsider your approach, because the world we live in has changed and so should your sales approach.

Bob Beck's Quid Pro Quo™ sales training courses has been taught in seven countries to thousands of sales professionals with unprecedented success. These tactical, sales training programs focus on immediately improving sales results.

The Quid Pro Quo™ sales training series of courses focuses on controlling the entire sales cycle with an authentic consultative‐selling approach while executing a franchise mentality. Each class is a customized sales training program that focuses on all aspects of strategic selling: new pipeline building techniques, lead generation methods, qualification skills, questioning processes, executive selling, and closing business.

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