Part of Quid Pro Quo Sales Training is helping you build sound business relationships with your client or prospect.  Let’s take a look at a few things you need to do:

    •    Show interest in your client or prospect
    •    Be friendly
    •    Be nice

Believe it or not, most of your clients will know when you are being sincere and know when you don’t have much interest.  This can have a major impact on your sales outcome.

What’s the secret? You need to make your client feel unique and important. That’s how successful salespeople get tagged with “sales expert” or “sales guru.”  Right from their initial meeting, they focus on building trust and a mutual understanding which helps to maintain good rapport. 

Building the relationship can’t be empahsized enough. Your client needs to feel that you have their interests at heart. When a client feels like this you have their best interest at heart and if a mistake should happen they are more likey to forgive the miscommunication.  Customer retention needs to be your #1 priority.  You need to continuously work on keeping the relationship strong.

There are consequences when you fail to build that all important relationship with your client.  You open the door and allow your competition to enter.  
By developing a winning relationship you are able to work through probelms and/or find solutions. It’s respect of each other, working together.

If you feel you are not developing your business relationships and keeping them, you should consider Quid Pro Quo Sales Training. It will help give you new ideas and techniques to build a winning business relationship.

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